Virtual HR Department – Every company that has employees needs some kind of human resources support at some time. We're there when you need us and do the work you don't have time to do. Save money and overhead costs by retaining our virtual HR staff.

Compensation – Paying your employees an appropriate wage is key to good recruitment and retention efforts. We advise on starting wages for individual positions, compensation structures and strategies for the whole organization and specialized incentives such as pay for performance, merit increases or bonus programs.

HR Compliance and Consulting –If you have more than 1 employee there are state and federal laws you must adhere to. The more employees you have – the more laws you have to comply with. We review your existing level of compliance and help you implement processes to achieve or maintain compliance at minimum costs. We consult with you on the best way to achieve compliance without it becoming an administrative burden on you.

HR Policies and Procedures – To stay lean and efficient it is becoming more and more important to have policies and procedures in place and in practice to ensure optimal performance and success. We analyze your existing policies and procedures or help develop missing ones that will increase productivity, eliminate waste or redundancy and improve employee satisfaction.

On-site HR Training and Employee Engagement Programs – You may have in house HR staff or managers who are responsible for HR functions. Let us review the effectiveness of your current strategy and offer ways to increase performance. Individual training or group training programs are customized to help you get the most out of your greatest resources – the human ones!

Recruiting and Retention Programs –Recruiting isn't just throwing a post out on the Internet and reviewing resumes and applications. Retaining employees isn't just offering them more money or perks to stay. A strong recruiting and retention program encompasses your whole operation to include organizational structure, corporate mission and values, management skills of incumbents, policies and procedures, compensation and benefits, working conditions and future goals and needs. Let us help you develop a strategic program that will get you through these changing "oceans of opportunities."

Specialized Strategic HR Projects – Organizations are changing at the speed of light. Or they need to in order to stay ahead of the competition and remain profitable. Let us be your business partner and develop or revise your strategic HR programs that will help you sail smoothly into the future.

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